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AFQM Membership

Which organisations (size, industry) can use the EFQM Excellence Model?
The EFQM Excellence Model is flexible and can be used by large and small organisations as well public and private areas of all industries. 

The EFQM Excellence Model is, on one hand, the basis for assessing the national quality prize - in Austria, the Austrian Quality Award. On the other hand, it is the framework for conducting a self-assessment.

What benefits does an organization derive from adopting the EFQM Excellence Model?
With the deployment of the EFQM Excellence Model as a management instrument, all significant approaches and results can be examined for the appropriate utilization of effect cycles with the help of RADAR logic.
The interrelations between approaches and desired results are analyzed and examined for their impact on policy and strategy. If the EFQM Excellence concept is thoroughly implemented, then the factors and interrelations that are significant to the effectiveness of vision and strategy can be recognized.

How can we ensure that our self-assessment results are followed up in daily operations?
In the course of a self-assessment from the perspective of 5 stakeholder groups of an organization, a series of strengths and areas for improvement are identified. This organizational analysis is based on the nine criteria of the EFQM Excellence Model. Purposeful improvement measures are derived from this comprehensive picture. With target-oriented project management, the measures can be incorporated into daily operations through scheduling and assigning clear responsibilities for implementation.

What is a Quick Scan and how does it benefit an organization?
The goal of the Quick Scan is to acquire a better understanding of the organization as a whole, its environments, its goals and ongoing activities, performance and results. It gives the big picture on central interrelations and cycles of effect.

The Quick Scan was conducted on 60 Austrian SMEs in a joint project - SME Excellence Initiative - with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Labor and the network of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce's Institute of Business Promotion WIFI. It has proven its enduring practicability for this target group. At the same time, the Quick Scan method has also been successfully implemented in large corporations and non-profit organizations.

What events are there on the subject of Excellence?
The AFQM organizes different events on Excellence throughout the year. Members and representatives of organizations with experience with the EFQM Excellence Model present insights on implementation in practice. The events are organized by AFQM in cooperation with different organizations.

Who can participate in the annual qualityaustria Winners' Conference?
At the yearly qualityaustria Winners' Conference, the current winners of Austrian Quality Award - Staatspreis Unternehmensqualität and the EFQM Excellence Award present their strategies for success and their excellent approaches.

What advantages does AFQM membership have for an organization?
AFQM membership primarily means being able to use the AFQM/EFQM network. Members exchange information, work in experience-sharing groups and meet at Top Manager Meetings. They receive first-hand information about the development to the Excellence Model and its sustainable use in practice.

How much is AFQM membership?
AFQM is a non-profit society and is funded exclusively through membership fees.
AFQM membership is valid for one calendar year. Membership fees are based on commercial companies' annual revenues and on non-profit organizations' annual budget.

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Operations Management Business Excellence (EFQM)

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