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Extension of Validity of Certificates


For questions, please contact Mrs. Petra Astleitner (Phone +43 (0)732/34 23 22 -19, Fax +43 (0)732-34 23 23, petra.astleitner(at)

Certificate Holder – Personal Data

Personal Address

Business Address

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Please insert the VAT No.!


The fee for extending the validity of an qualityaustria certificate is EUR 25,- excl. 20% VAT. Amount due after receipt of invoice.

The participants who attend a required refreshing course need not pay this fee.

Certification Data

Information regarding certificate(s) whose validity is to be extended.

Proof of Professional Experience

For quality management, environmental management and quality assurance, you should present proof of professional experience (e.g. Quality Management) of 3 or 5 years (depending on duration of certificate validity). This is to be sent per post, fax or e-mail, or listed in the table below.

(if via e-mail, send to:

Proof of Auditing Experience or Assessements

(only for certificates Auditor, Lead Auditor, Assessor, Internal Auditor Automotive, Process Auditor according to VDA 6.3, Internal Auditor Aerospace Industry AS/EN/JISQ 91000 and visitor)

(if via e-mail, send to:


You must present proof of attendance of at least one refresher within the period of validity.

Refresher course/Certificate Course date/location/focus

Filed complaints

Complaints filed against you as a certificate holder must be forwarded to the Quality Austria in writing (see "Conditions for Holders of Certificates" as determined in General Terms and Conditions of Quality Austria).

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