Our Vision.

Committed to our location in Austria in the heart of Europe, we lay claim to be the leading player in our field and aim to provide the economy and society with direct access to excellent know-how as well as certifications and awards of the highest value.

Our policy.


We stand for the Integrated Management System.

We create value for our customers.

We are independent, objective and internationally recognized.

We are experts with extensive practical experience.

We work with passion and respect.

We shape networks.

Our Policy in detail.

We stand for the Integrated Management System

  • Our services include system, product and personal certification as well as various educational and training opportunities.
  • We deliver our core services in the areas of quality, environmental and safety management, covering a broad range of industry standards.


We create value for our customers

  • Our services improve the level of excellence within our customers worldwide
  • We continually communicate the value of implementing management systems.
  • Within the framework of qualityaustria forums and international congresses we regularly present current trends and developments.


We are independent, objective and internationally recognized

  • As a financially independent company, we work for the benefit of Austria and Europe and we reinvest the income generated.
  • As an internationally accredited certification body, we are committed to objectivity and impartiality.
  • Together with the Ministry of Economics, we award the annual state prize the Austrian Excellence Award.


We are experts with extensive practical experience

  • We speak the language of our customers.
  • Our auditors, trainers, assessors and subject experts have extensive practical experience, and expertise from industry and standards knowledge.
  • The high level of professional competence of our experts is guaranteed by continuous further education and training.


We work with passion and respect

  • We work closely together as executives, employees and service partners.
  • A strong sense of collaboration, helpfulness, mutual respect and a trustful environment characterize us as a modern service company.
  • Enthusiasm and passion for our mission and our customers characterize our corporate culture.


We shape networks

  • Our international qualityaustria partner network provides high-quality services worldwide.
  • We actively shape international networks such as IQNet, EFQM and EOQ.
  • We develop multi-layered networks with associations, cluster organizations, educational institutions and media at the national level.
  • Our participation in international standardization gives our clients an advantage in terms of knowledge and provides them with a continuous transfer of know-how.

Code of Conduct of Quality Austria

If you are interested in the Code of Conduct of Quality Austria, please send an e-mail to: office@qualityaustria.com

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