Lehrgangsreihe Qualitätsmanagement im Bereich Automotive AQM

Ein Automobil ist ein hoch komplexes und sicherheitsrelevantes Produkt. Mängel in der Herstellung haben in der Regel gravierende Folgen und verursachen hohe Kosten. Die Automobilindustrie versucht mit sehr strengen Vorschriften und enorm hohen Qualitätsanforderungen an alle Lieferant*innen, diesem Risiko vorzubeugen. Die Quality Austria ist bereits seit 1995 aktiv in diesen Prozess eingebunden und bietet alle erforderlichen Zertifizierungen und viele relevante Ausbildungen an, um diesen hohen Anforderungen gerecht zu werden.

Job Profile Quality Management Representative in the Automotive Industry

Quality Management Representative in the Automotive Industry can interpret, implement and further develop the requirements model of IATF 16949 in a company-specific manner. Furthermore, they have the competence to apply the methods for the implementation and control of process management and the relevant quality methods and quality techniques. In addition, they can interpret and apply the automotive core tools (APQP, FMEA, MSA, SPC, PPAP) in the product life cycle.

Job Profile Quality Systems Manager in the Automotive Industry

Quality Systems Manager in the Automotive Industry have the necessary knowledge and skills to set up and efficiently develop a company-specific quality management system (ISO 9000 ff.) taking into account the current automotive-specific additional requirements. In addition, they have mastered the common tools / methods used in the automotive industry such as statistical methods for evaluating / securing processes, knowledge of carrying out project management using methods such as FMEA, APQP, PPAP etc. They are able to evaluate and continuously improve company processes using audit methods from the automotive industry to actively participate in the development of the organization.

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