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An entry in the SOA registry can only be attained with an ISO 9001 + RT05 Certificate and is mandatory for organizations to participate in public tenders in Italy. A missing RT05 Certificate can be a reason for excluding them. Particularly the internal benefit needs to be emphasized, as audits especially focus on practical aspects and the respective construction-specific requirements of each ongoing activity related to building sites.

With the opportunity to upgrade the ISO 9001 Certificate with RT05, Quality Austria succeeded in paving the way to public contracts for organizations.

In Italy it is mandatory for organizations in the construction industry, i.e. companies with an IAF Scope 28, that they MUST be certified according to RT05 (in the respective field of activity) if they want or need an ISO 9001 Certification!

Attention: Without RT05 in the Scope IAF 28 an ISO 9001 Certification is not possible. With this certificate the company can receive an entry in the SOA registry in Italy (at a charge, detailed procedure depends on project size, order volume etc.). RT05 is not a separate certificate. The IAF Scope 28 and the RT05 field of activity are included in detailed text form in the ISO 9001 Certificate. A certification according to RT05 is also possible for non-Italian organizations if on-going building sites are assessed in Italy or abroad according to RT05 requirements (e.g. quality plan, control plan, design review, building site internal audit, process validation, etc.).

In general: In Italy many details regarding legal requirements are included in Accredia RT documents.

qualityaustria Certificates according to OHSAS 18001 will be complemented by the supplement OT24 as this is the most reasonable option for customers.

  • RT05 = Regolamento Tecnico 05 (= technical regulations for the construction industry in Italy (IAF28))
  • OG 1-13 (opere generali / general fields of activity) und OS 1-34 (opere specializzate / special fields of activity) are the RT05 Scopes
  • S.O.A = Italian registry of organizations that are approved for public tenders
  • Provision of quality, transparency and comparability of activities of organizations in the IAF Scope 28
  • Promotion of quality management systems in the field of IAF 28
  • Opportunity to join public tenders for non-Italian organizations in Italy
Target group

All organizations in the IAF Scope 28 (construction companies, architects, planners, ancillary building trade etc.)


In RT05 the main focus is put on the professional standard of the implementation of activities in the IAF Scope 28. Construction sites need to be assessed according to RT05 requirements during the audit.

All activities referred to the certification scope shall be audited at least twice over a cycle of three years, otherwise they need to be removed from the certificate.

Another focus is put on the compliance with legal requirements, such as occupational safety in Italy, but also on the construction products regulation of the EU.

Other relevant standards

ISO 9001 as basis for RT05

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