Excellence (EFQM)

EFQM Committed to Excellence Validation (C2E)

Motivation and benefits
  • EFQM Committed to Excellence provides organizations with a practical and easy introduction to the philosophy of Excellence.
  • It offers a practical approach to broadening experience of the EFQM Model and RADAR logic
  • Organizations get to know their current performance status and learn to prioritize for improvements.
  • measuring the present efficiency and effectiveness and the present performance level;
  • defining areas for improvement and planning improvements;
  • promoting use of the EFQM Excellence Model as a diagnostic tool
Target group

EFQM Committed to Excellence is suitable for organizations that

  • are looking for concrete approaches for identifying and systematically designing their areas for improvement
  • would like to get feedback when implementing the designed improvement measures (projects)
  • want to collect experience in using the EFQM Model

All organizations or organizational units headquartered in Austria, regardless of size, sector or organizational type, can participate.


EFQM Committed to Excellence is organized in 2 phases that run over a period of 9 to 12 months.

In phase 1, the organization conducts a self-assessment using the EFQM Model's seven criteria based on the Quick Scan method. As a result, the organization has identified its strengths and improvement potential and derived improvement measures. The organization can plan and prioritize these improvement measures.

In phase 2, the organization demonstrates that it has successfully implemented the planned measures. The success of the implementation is evaluated by a trained validator using the EFQM Model and the RADAR assessment method.


  • It is necessary to demonstrate that at least three improvement initiatives have been started and completed successfully (conclusively according to the RADAR logic).
  • At the site visit paid by an independent validator, implementation of the action plan will be verified.
  • In case of success, Quality Austria and EFQM will express recognition by granting the Certificate EFQM Committed to Excellence.

If the organization fulfils the criteria defined in its self-assessment for prioritizing, developing and implementing improvement measures, then it is recognized as EFQM Committed to Excellence.

Organizations that were not successful receive feedback on which areas must be improved in order to be promoted as EFQM Committed to Excellence in the future.

Organizations that were successful receive an EFQM Committed to Excellence certificate. It is valid for three years and can be used for promotional purposes. The organization is then also listed in the public register of the EFQM and published in the EFQM Newsletter and Recognition Book.

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