Focus Audit Personalized and customer specific Status Review


The personalized focus audit creating value relating to your company specific topics. The objective consists in a detailed illumination of a specific state of affairs (product, process, function, implementation of a standard or regulation, …) that you are itching to deal with. Make sure the status is transparent and clear by asking our qualityaustria experts to provide systematic external verification and analysis of your key issues.

A focus audit can be conducted as a stand-alone audit or be integrated into a different type of audit in order to supplement this audit. Focus audits can also be used at your suppliers’. In this case, the delivered products or value adding processes that are significant for product quality will be in the centre of interest.

Motivation and benefits

Are you facing a new challenge - or a concrete problem? We will support you in making sure the status is clear. Focus audits will mostly be triggered by changes, innovations, problems, complaints or the definition of new priorities.

In contrast to an accredited Certification Audit, a focus audit is not aimed at having a look at a system in all its aspects or in its entirety. It is the issues addressed by yourself that will be analyzed in-depth and comprehensively. Thus focus audits will also have a compact schedule, where each single minute will be used for your focal topic.


The objectives and targets of the focus audit will be established on the basis of a certain occasion and by the customer. Depending on the requirements, the fitting audit team will be chosen out of our pool of more than 1000 auditors and technical experts. The more concretely the objectives and targets are defined, the more precisely can the focus audit be prepared and conducted. Thus close coordination between the customer and Quality Austria and/or our auditors will be a prerequisite for enabling success of the audit.

  • products, product properties, product safety, usability
  • processes, functions or areas (purchasing/suppliers, sales, …)
  • such topics as
    • the customer’s strategic topics, investment projects, subsidies
    • effectiveness, efficiency
    • changeability, competence of employees, corporate culture
    • process safety, legal certainty, system safety and security
    • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)/sustainability/social standards
  • additional topics “you are itching to deal with”

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