Social Accountability (CSR)

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Our technical experts will give you an overview of the existing CSR models of thinking. Based on this, the actual state will be analyzed comprehensively in cooperation with the organization. The result of this analysis can be used for further development and for strengthening your organization’s fitness for the future.

Motivation and benefits

The basic conditions of international business relationships in the public and B2B (business-to-business) sectors are changing. The lenders, donors and sponsors demand excellent performance in the fields of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Organizations that are operating on an international scale and address this topic offensively and strategically furnish active innovation management while focusing on topics relating to compliance. If you deal with excellence, you will create innovation, open up new business fields for yourself by means of new processes, products or services and will also provide new solutions for societal issues.

This innovative audit helps to take the first step towards excellence - by strengthening the organization’s fitness for the future by anchoring CSR in the core business.

The organization’s social innovation is to help to enlarge the Unique Selling Point. The objective consists in making it easier to be in command of changes in the field of reporting as well as in relation to new rules for the financial and investment areas, changed procurement criteria, qualitative ratings and social change.

  • written presentation of the present actual state of anchoring of CSR in the key business;
  • making all interlocutors even more aware of the significance of integrating non-financial topics into the organization’s key business - and looking beyond the operational horizon;
  • strong points and opportunities for improvement as well as a rough roadmap for guaranteeing further development and strengthening of the fitness for the future and innovative power
Target group

Organizations that (want to) decouple growth from resource consumption and thus integrate the concept of sustainability into their key business.

Top management, CSR Managers, persons responsible for the integrated management system, buyers, persons responsible for communication, public relations and marketing


The agenda and priorities of the focus audit will be coordinated with the organization specifically to the organization’s needs and expectations in advance.

  • overview of CSR models of thinking;
  • analysis of the actual state and GAP analysis;
  • planned objectives and targets and their achievement;
  • strong points and opportunities for improvement;
  • roadmap

Duration: approx. 1 – 2 days

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