Social Accountability (CSR)

Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration as partner of arbeit plus

Motivation and benefits

The Quality Seal for companies implementing social integration has been developed by arbeit plus and stands for the compliance with social, organizational and economic quality standards of social enterprises. Their objective is the vocational integration of persons who have been unemployed for a long time.

“The Quality Seal captures the great performances of social enterprises in a nutshell and reduces complex relations in one message: `This company works with high quality standards and is a company you can trust.´”, states Konrad Scheiber, CEO of Quality Austria, during a Quality Seal award ceremony.

Organizational development and quality improvement

In the course of the application for the Quality Seal selected experts analyze the organization regarding specific quality standards. For example they evaluate how effectively and efficiently subsidies and resources are used. Simultaneously they consider the strengths and development opportunities of the company. These findings will then induce quality assuring and quality enhancing developments. In short, they lead to further improvements of the social enterprises.

Supported by AMS Austria

The Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration is supported and financed by Arbeitsmarktservice Austria (AMS; Public Employment Service). “We know how important high quality standards are in our daily business at AMS – we expect the same standards from companies we are collaborating with. Both parties and those persons, who are integrated successfully in the labour market by social enterprises, benefit from these high standards”, states Herbert Buchinger, Executive Board Member of AMS Austria, during a Quality Seal award ceremony.

Target group

Companies implementing social integration are free-market companies and such organizations as socio-economic companies, non-profit employment projects and employment companies. In cooperation with the Labour Exchange and the Provincial Governments, companies implementing social integration support vocational and social integration of persons that have been unemployed for a long time by taking care of them and employing them and thus enable these persons to obtain the required professional qualification.


The general requirements for entering the verification process is that the basic values as well as the compulsory criteria are fulfilled:

  • Orientation along the basic values of non-profit character, antidiscrimination, social integration and gender mainstreaming
  • Adherence to the legal framework (particularly labour laws)
  • Existing HR development concept for transit workforce
  • Establishment and documentation of continuous processes
  • The same remuneration for equivalent work
  • Idenfitication of socio-economic indicators and key performance results

Moreover, for the award of the Quality Seal it is necessary to fulfil defined quality criteria in the following areas:

  • management
  • concepts, strategies, region
  • permanent staff
  • partnerships and resources
  • processes
  • results relating to contracting parties
  • people results
  • society results
  • socio-economic key performance results
  • orientation along the structure of EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management)

The Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration is awarded on the basis of the cooperation agreement between arbeit plus and Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH.

For further information please consult

Other relevant standards

EFQM Model, ISO 9001

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