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Allergen management

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The presence of allergens and substances that cause intolerance and the associated health effects have led to legal changes in the labeling of ingredients and, above all, to discussions regarding the labeling of unintended traces of allergens. Dealing with allergenic substances is a special challenge for many food companies. It is important to critically assess the hazards posed by allergens and to have control measures from receipt to dispatch in place, to ensure that unintended cross contamination by allergens is minimized. Furthermore, analytical challenges as well as legal requirements have to be considered when implementing an effective allergen management.



Target group

Employees in the HACCP team, from production, purchasing, product development/marketing and quality assurance

  • Allergens and substances that cause intolerance: facts & basics
  • Legal requirements
  • Allergen management: implementation in practice (hazard analysis and and assessment of associated risk, limits, challenges)
  • Requirements from standards and norms
  • Analytical methods


Allergen management
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