Basic Course Quality Engineering

GQT | 4 days


ISO 9000ff is a proven management system, used for the sustainable improvement of operational processes. This training course provides all essential basics for the establishment, maintenance and further development of an effective quality management system.



Target group

Foremen, group leaders, skilled workers and contact persons involved in the provision of products and services, as well as employees from manufacturing and service companies.

  • ISO 9000 family
  • Requirements of ISO 9001
  • System documentation
  • Principles of process management
  • Quality planning
  • Audits
  • Group work
  • Expert opinions (Case studies and solutions)

This course can be credited to replace the course Quality Management Systems (QMS) in the series of courses Quality Management (QM).


Basic Course Quality Engineering
11.09.2023 to 14.09.2023
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