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CD 100 Beauftragte

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Review „100 Beauftragte mit einem Klick” (100 Management Representatives at a glance)
For the first time in 1999, a survey on Management Representatives was developed by Dr. Johann Wirnsberger and Klaus Brandstätter. With the first edition of Quality Austria in 2010, the reference work was extended and updated to 100 Representatives. Furthermore, a CD was released to provide a clear overview of the wealth of information, to enable targeted searching functions and to allow using text modules. Furthermore, the survey provides a solid base and facilitates the amendment of future versions if changes or additions must be made.
Objective „100 Beauftragte mit einem Klick” (100 Management Representatives at a glance)
The aim of the CD „100 Beauftragte mit einem Klick“ is to present a comprehensive list of „Representatives“, helping organizations to get an overview and to meet the requirements related to laws and standards while representing the state of the art.
Moreover, the goal is to obtain a complete list, however, this cannot be guaranteed due to the dynamic developments in the field of regulations. In addition, there are very specific areas that are not common, or only rarely occur in daily practice. These areas are covered, but not intended to be exhaustive.
Content and service 100 Beauftragte mit einem Klick” (100 Management Representatives at a glance)
The described functions are divided into six areas:

·Business management
·Quality management
·Environmental management
·Occupational Health and Safety
·Specific areas
·Voluntary areas
The qualityaustria Service offers:
a systematic overview of more than 100 Management Representatives;
presentation of the legal and normative basis;
description of qualification requirements, operational areas, typical activities and additional tasks, which can be used as a basis for job descriptions within the company; the individual text modules can be copied.
comments provide a more detailed explanation from a practical perspective.
Publisher: qualityaustria
Authors: Dr. Johann Wirnsperger, Mag. Klaus Brandstätter, March 2010
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