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Energy Management

UMEM | 2 days


The participants learn the specific requirements of ISO 50001 for establishing an energy management system. Furthermore, the linking elements as well as the fundamental differences with regard to ISO 14001 will be conveyed. Additionally, the course teaches the concrete requirements of these norms and enables the participants to apply the necessary tools independently.

  • Self-study of the fundamentals of management systems (the training material will be provided free of charge upon request, see hints) or
  • Mastery of the content of the course "Integrated Management System – Requirements (IMS)" or
  • Valid qualityaustria certificate Systems Representative, Systems Manager
  • Verifiable experience in the field of management systems
Target group

Energy experts, Quality, environmental or occupational health and safety systems managers and persons who either aim to integrate energy management systems into existing management systems or to establish independent energy systems.

  • ISO 50001; differences with regard to ISO 14001
  • Climate and energy strategy 2030
  • Establishing, implementing and developing energy management systems
  • Energy planning process
  • Collecting energy relevant information and data
  • Assessment models
  • Technological fundamentals
  • Preparation of the project work
Project work

A project work must be producted between the energy management (UMEM) and energy technology (UMET) courses. This project work is an integral part of the exam.


Energy Management
18.09.2023 to 19.09.2023
start time: 09:00 o'clock
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Please note that deviations from the new course program may arise in terms of content and participation fees.

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