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Future-oriented quality management On the way to an excellent company

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Future-oriented quality management

Continual improvement of products and services has become critical for a company’s success in today’s market conditions. The holistic quality management approach is a basic requirement. But what are key characteristics of successful quality management? Where should quality management start and what can it achieve?

In this dossier, Nicole Mayer (responsible for Business Development Business Excellence, Quality Austria) and Siegfried Schmidt (Head of Business Excellence, SAQ) provide a practical, holistic and future-oriented approach for implementing and managing quality in companies. In addition to business-management aspects, the involvement of employees, company culture and cooperation in partnerships and networks are addressed as the essential factors on the way to becoming an excellent business.

50 pages with interesting facts on Business Development.
Authors: Nicole Mayer, Siegfried Schmidt
ISBN: 978-3-906067-26-1
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