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Quality Management Representative in Healthcare –Compact

QBGWK | 4 days

Quality Management Representative in Healthcare –Compact


This compact course provides you with basic knowledge of EN 15224 as well as the most important methods and tools in the field of quality management.



Target group

Employees of operating areas, case workers, group leaders and department managers of all business units, who should have basic knowledge in quality management and its methods and tools.

  • System documentation
  • Process management
  • Requirements of EN 15224
  • Quality planning
  • Improvement and assessment of risks incl. clinical risks and opportunities
  • Internal audits
  • Methods and tools for quality management

Examination Quality Management Representative in Healthcare –Compact


The content of the exam refers to the course QBGWK.


Training according to the course QBGWK


The written examination will be conducted at the end of the course and consists of multiple choice questions. Duration: 30 minutes


The examination fee is included in the course fee.


After successful completion of the examination, the participants will receive the certificate Quality Management Representative in health care - Compact

and the corresponding IQNet certificate.

Validity of Certificate

5 years

Criteria of extension
  • Proof (e.g. letter from employer, interim certification, self-declaration) about 3 years of professional practice within the last 5 years.
  • Refresher course for Quality Management Representatives (RQB) or appropriate qualityaustria training.
  • Mit der Anmeldung zum Lehrgang erfolgt auch die Anmeldung zur Prüfung.
  • Als ergänzende bzw. weiterführende Ausbildung empfehlen wir Ihnen den Lehrgang Interne*r Auditor*in - Kompakt.


Quality Management Representative in Healthcare –Compact
17.04.2023 to 20.04.2023
start time: 09:00 o'clock
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Quality Management Representative in Healthcare –Compact
13.11.2023 to 16.11.2023
TECHCENTER Linz-Winterhafen
Hafenstrasse 47-51
4020 Linz
 2.488,00Regular price
excl. 20% VAT

Please note that deviations from the new course program may arise in terms of content and participation fees.

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