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Business and quality policy

OQA is an independent and neutral organisation offering its services – marking quality by using suitable means and granting the right to hold the registered quality labels and association brands – to companies, organisations and businesspersons of any sector and size to the benefit of overall economy and society.

For OQA, products, services, methods and procedures deserve their quality is marked if it is evidenced and ensured that the average quality level of comparable product, services, methods and procedures is exceeded and the relevant Quality Guidelines are fulfilled.

OQA initiates, develops and provides its services alone or in co-operation with domestic or foreign legal entities in the field of product, service and system quality, carries out all the activities of a Certification Body in conformity to legal and other requirements and does not perform any consulting activities.

All the internal and external employees of OQA are obliged to carry out their activities with utmost care and due diligence and to the customers’ satisfaction while complying with the legal requirements (above all Accreditation Act) and relevant standards (e.g. EN ISO/IEC 17065) and the rules of OQA’s QM system.