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Quality Austria is the leading Austrian contact for the Integrated Management System, based on quality, environmental and OH&S (occupational health and safety) management, and the topic of business quality.

We are committed to optimize the success of our customers and partners enabled by our services and consistent further development of management systems.

For this purpose, we offer system and product certification, verification and validation, training and certification of persons as well as the Austrian Quality Seal. In addition to the Austrian Excellence Award we organize several forums, conferences and we have published numerous publications.

Strengthen your market position, improve your legal security and rentability, increase your customer satisfaction and trust as well as motivation of employees and your competitiveness - and optimize the level of quality of your internal processes.

Use your ressources and potential to optimize growth and lower error rates and costs. Together we will take care of potential vulnerabilities.

We support you to
stay focused on your
long-term objectives!

Pay attention to the accreditation

Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH holds official Austrian government accreditation by BMDW (Federal Ministry for Digital, Business and Enterprise) in the field of management systems according to ISO 17021, for personnel certification to ISO 17024 and for products according to ISO 17065. We have the broadest accreditation scope in Austria and as an accreditation body we are committed to ensure independence and objectivity. As a national representative of IQNet we are entitled to issue the world-renowned IQNet certificates.

qualityaustria certificates have an outstanding reputation and are an objective proof of competence due to their worldwide accepted processes of examination, assessment and re-certification based on the EN ISO/IEC 17024 Standard. We offer over 50 certification programmes, most of them are nationally accredited. We put our stakes on clearly focusing on practice and creating value. We combine the latest lessons learned from studies, trend analyses, developments of standards and regulations with our practical know-how and do not only generate learning contents but also provide concrete proven tools for daily use.

Succeed with quality - our core services

System- and product certification, verification and validation

From the beginning, qualityaustria audit design has been focused on creating value for our customers. The audit philosophy of Quality Austria The qualityaustria audit philosophy can be summarized with the following statements:

  • Customer expectations significantly influence audit objectives and benefits.„„
  • Auditor competence is of extreme importance.„„
  • Performance and effect of the audited, Integrated Management System is crucial.„„
  • People encounter each other during an audit.„„
  • Auditing with the right attitude and values leads to the desired audit quality.

Proven qualityaustria training concept

Our Single courses and modular series of courses will be completed by holding an examination and granting an accredited certificate of competence, which corresponds to a federally recognized Certificate.

Brand new!

The Integrated management system

Quality Austria is strongly internationally established and actively contributing to the further development of knowledge and standards in standardization bodies, international work groups and conferences on several levels and we actively support knowledge transfer and the scientific development of relevant topics. The focus is on qualityaustria customers and all organizations for whom the integration of management systems is important for attaining sustainbale economic benefits, substantive further development and the improve business
excellence. In this respect, we understand integration as combining several management systems and have a look at the way of implementation, i.e. the intensity of anchoring the systems in the daily operations within the companies. The basis for our services is formed by different standards and regulations and models, most of which being subjected to additional control and international harmonization by accreditation.

The Audit

qualityaustria audit methods show success factors and opportunities for improvement for management systems that go far beyond the requirements placed by the basic standards and regulations and thus enable further development and continual improvement of our customers' systems. We believe that a successful audit design consists in providing the best-possible audit service quality. This applies to the entire process from the view of the customer – beginning with all points of contact with qualityaustria offices, the account manager in acquisition, the provision of services by auditors in audit planning, performanceand documentation, subsequent processing, transferof documentation and certificates as well as optimum support for further steps.

Austrian Excellence Award

The Austrian Excellence Award represents success, enthusiasm and courage.
The excellence of the participating companies is being increased and strengths and potentials are identified based on the EFQM Excellence Model. The level of excellence is highlighted and the best companies of each category are recognised for their exceeding performance. Discover your full potential and be part of the most excellent companies!


Austria Quality Seal

Through one of our founding association, the OQA - Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualität (Austrian Workgroup for Promoting Quality), we are the only organization in Austria that awards the Austria Quality Seal for products of Austrian origin as well as the International Quality Seal for products from any country of origin. The Quality Seal is also awarded to services (Austrian Model Company "Österreichischer Musterbetrieb" and at-home nursing). The Austria Quality Seal is a confirmation of tested high quality of your products and services. For organizations from all sectors and of all sizes - from industry and retail to skilled trade and services - the Quality Seal is a valuable door-opener to a global community of quality.


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