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System and product certification, verification and validation

Audits with added value

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qualityaustria audit philosophy

From the beginning, qualityaustria audit design has been focused on creating value for our customers.

The qualityaustria audit philosophy can be summarized with the following statements:

  • Customer expectations significantly influence audit objectives and benefits.„„
  • Auditor competence is of extreme importance.„„
  • Performance and effect of the audited, Integrated Management System is crucial.
  • „„People encounter each other during an audit.„„
  • Auditing with the right attitude and values leads to the desired audit quality.

Characteristics such as independence, transparency, comprehensibility, professional due diligence, factual illustration, integrity and confidentiality are a matter of course for qualityaustria audits. qualityaustria audits comprehensibly contribute to company success within the context of this philosophy. The benefit of the Integrated Management System is reinforced with the recurring audit, which is to be understood as a constructive intervention.

Audit categories

Quality Austria divides its audit services into several categories. The structure is impartial; the greatest value is created when the executed audit also complies with the objectives of the respective customer in accordance with the best-possible expenditure-benefit ratio. Of course, audits for the Integrated Management System clearly adhere to normative specifications (for example ISO 17021 or ISO 19011). The qualityaustria audit categories are not strictly separated from each other, and the structure is selected according to pragmatic considerations:

Audit categories of Quality Austria differ in regard to their characteristics and objectives, resulting in various activity scopes both in regard to methodic audit design and the determination of objectives.

For details and more in depth information please refer to the qualityaustria position papers "The Integrated Managementsystem" and "The Audit":


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