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Training and certification of persons

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qualityaustria training philosophy

We are consistently translating our corporate vision "Succeed with Quality" into action. Our customers are enabled to succeed with quality by know-how that is built up consistently, national and international networking and practice oriented didactics in our training concept. Sustainable acquisition of competence is the top goal of all trainings.

As an independent network node with our international alignment, we bundle the know-how of developers of knowledge, knowledge carriers, consultants and technical experts and implement the business requirements and thus create training concepts in cooperation with the network of our auditors, trainers and assessors, to maximize value created for the customers within our courses, seminars, workshops and refreshings. qualityaustria cours series are continually being reviewed for their practical value and improved.

Certified competence

Building up competencies

The primary goal of our trainings consists in building up competencies among all the participants. This goal goes far beyond mere imparting of information and is supported by didactic and organizational measures. All the trainings provided by qualityaustria are designed interactively. Elaborating topics as project work or in teamwork, presenting results, technical discussions and tasks as well as applications directly from the work environment help to enhance competence for implementation. qualityaustria series of courses have a modular design so that knowledge acquired during the course can be tried out, used and consolidated between the courses. Like this more in-depth topics can be brought into the further courses.

Certified competence

All the courses and series of courses provided by Quality Austria will be completed by the award of Certificates. Most of these Certificates are based on certification programmes accredited federally. We regard the required examinations as an integral part of training, which is to give you the certainty that you have achieved the specified learning goals and can also bring defined competence into your work.

Our Certificates - your evidence of competence

Domestic focus with international recognition

qualityaustria trainings are clearly tailored to the needs of the domestic companies, make reference to national legislation and regulations as well as to strategies that are relevant in the economic area. At the same time, we are elaborating a multinational and multicultural view of the topics offered by us and integrate this view into our offers. Besides, harmonization in international bodies also guarantees inter-country recognition of trainings provided by Quality Austria. The opportunity of additionally obtaining EOQ Certificates is an expression of this international recognition.

Our service offer

Our Customer Service Center in Linz will be pleased to attend to you and advise you relating to our range of trainings. It particularly is for such an important topic that we regard personal information and consulting as being essential. It is our concern to make you convinced that you have found the right training for yourself and can thus draw maximum benefits. We offer our trainings on different dates and on different places so that we can meet your requirements as well as possible even in this respect.

qualityaustria training design

Modular design - training specific to the needs

qualityaustria training programmes can be used specifically to the customer needs like trainings with a modular design. Almost each course can also be attended alone. Trainings, seminars and refresher courses, which serve to consolidate knowledge, round off the training programme. We would not only like to be a preferred partner in initial training but would also like to offer you tailored solutions for technical and vocational further development and enable you to update competence you have acquired and thus have recourse to the best and most up-to-date methods for your work.

Training design

Under "Details" you'll find further information about the design of our cource series, courses, seminars, workshops, refreshing courses and in-house trainings.

qualityaustria Trainings offer a tailored range of services, which ranges from base training via focal topics and updating of competencies for each specific need for further training.

qualityaustria trainings score due topicality, which is paired with continuity and sustainability, so that you can safely build up your competence.

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