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Accredited Quality Labels

Austria Quality Seal products and Austria Quality Seal for services

Austria Quality Seal for services

The Austrian Quality Seal is awarded to organizations and companies that have been tested by OQA experts on the basis of applicable quality guidelines and have been certified by the OQA. In the course of the evaluation, OQA experts will indicate success factors and improvement potential that will guarantee the applicant optimized structures, processes and procedures as well as quality enhancement in the provision of services.

Fulfillment of the requirements for accredited quality seals compliant with respective quality guidelines.

Upon request, quality guidelines are provided free of charge.

Upon receiving the completed and signed application form for accredited quality seals, we will provide you with a quotation.  
Upon receiving the completed and signed application form for accredited quality seals, we will provide you with a quotation.

Following your acceptance of our proposal, we will determine the consequent procedure (depending on the relevant quality guideline). We will assign the expert who will coordinate an appointment for the on-site evaluation. After the on-site evaluation, you will receive a comprehensive report. 

Upon successful certification, you will receive a state-accredited certificate based on ISO 17065 and the right to use the accredited Austria Quality Seal. In order to continue using the certificate, you must undergo yearly evaluation.

You will find the details in “Information on Obtaining the Quality Seal” and the relevant quality guidelines.

We will gladly provide you with a detailed quotation.

ÖQA Certification Ltd. is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17065 (identification number PSID 0934) from Accreditation Austria/Federal Ministry for Digital, Business and Enterprise. See the full list of accreditations here: www.bmdw.gv.at/accreditation. All terms and conditions apply.



GRL01: Care Facilities For Elderly People (residential and in-patient)

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GRL03: Health tourism – Best Health Austria

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» Best Health Austria

GRL04: Austria Quality Seal for Fire Protection Management

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GRL07: Property Management

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GRL08: Installer

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GRL09: Personnel Leasing Agencies

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QUALITY GUIDELINES (not accredited)

GRL06: Austria quality seal for Medical Practices (in the accreditation procedure)

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QUALITY GUIDELINES waiting for accreditation

GRL10: At-Home Nursing Care

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GRL11: House caretakers

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