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KTQ (Cooperation for Transparency and Quality) for Hospitals


Cost pressure in the healthcare sector is increasing more and more. The patients/dwellers claim the right to be treated optimally. Therefore, quality management in the hospital is unrenounceable nowadays. In the course of the KTQ certification procedure, overall performance of the facility is reviewed in a manner that is process focused, covers several occupational groups and is cross-hierarchical. This shows the hospital demonstrates special quality awareness. However, certification also makes suggestions for optimizing existing structures, operations and processes. The following criteria are in the centre of the deliberations:


Criteria in inpatient and partly inpatient nursing facilities, outpatient nursing services, hospices and alternative ways of dwelling

  • dweller focus
  • people focus
  • safety
  • information system
  • management
  • quality management system

The Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of external assessment, which is preceded by a selfassessment. Furthermore, the KTQ Quality Report will be written. This report offers an overview of the overall picture given by the facility.

When looking for optimal medical and nursing care, patients, dwellers and their relatives will, in future, mind such Certificates as KTQ even more. But it also is for potential employees and referring doctors or other medical institutions that the KTQ Certificate will become more and more important.


  • well-founded analysis and review of performance, efficiency and the quality management system
  • assessing the quality of nursing and treatment
  • continuous improvement and optimization of all the processes concerning treatment of patients – this ranges from preparation for admission via planning a strategy of treatment/nursing to discharge
  • The audit will be conducted by an accredited Certification Body by using qualified visitors from the different areas.
  • hospitals
  • specialized clinics
  • medical universities
  • departments holding beds
  • nursing facilities
  • nursing services
  • hospices
  • alternative ways of dwelling

The series of standards ISO 3834 (formerly EN 729) establishes the quality requirements to be met by a manufacturer of fusion welded components and structures.

ISO 9001:2008, EFQM, Austria Quality Label for Home Care, Austria Quality Label for Care Institutions for the Elderly (inpatient)


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