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Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration as partner of arbeit plus


The Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration serves to distinguish companies for their quality focused activities. Social, organizational and economic quality standards are guaranteed. Companies implementing social integration are committed to four basic values:


  • anti-discrimination;
  • social integration;
  • gender mainstreaming;
  • non-profit character


The Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration stands for quality assurance and increase of quality. Companies to whom this seal is awarded demonstrate their integrative work is very good and can be convinced their customer focus helps them to hold their own on the market for a long time. The Quality Seal makes common identity of the companies implementing social integration visible to the outside world and strengthens the companies' position as partners for public or privately owned areas.


Companies implementing social integration are free-market companies and such organizations as

  • socio-economic companies;
  • non-profit employment projects;
  • employment companies

In cooperation with the Labour Exchange and the Provincial Governments, companies implementing social integration support vocational and social integration of persons that have been unemployed for a long time by taking care of them and employing them and thus enable these persons to obtain the required professional qualification.

The general requirement for entering the verification process is that the basic values as well as the compulsory criteria are fulfilled. In this respect, fulfilment of all the compulsory criteria will have to be evidenced. Among other things, these compulsory criteria specify the following:

  • For transit workforce, there is an HR development concept.
  • Continuous processes are established and documented.
  • There is the same remuneration for equivalent work.
  • Socio-economic indicators and key performance results are identified.

The quality management model includes the following dimensions:

  • management;
  • concepts, strategies, region;
  • permanent staff;
  • partnerships and resources;
  • processes;
  • results relating to contracting parties;
  • people results;
  • society results;
  • socio-economic key performance results

In analogy to the EFQM Excellence Model, the dimensions are broken down into enabler and result criteria. Assessment also follows the EFQM Excellence Model. At least 50 of 100 points will have to be reached in order to obtain the Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration. Assessment is provided by qualified assessors. The Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration has a validity of three years. After three years, the assessment will have to be repeated.


The Quality Seal for Companies implementing Social Integration is awarded on the basis of the cooperation agreement between arbeit plus and Quality Austria - Trainings, Zertifizierungs und Begutachtungs GmbH.

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EFQM Excellence Model, ISO 9001


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