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Policy and vision


Business quality enabled by competence for the Integrated Management System

The most important feature of performance of Quality Austria is its competence for the Integrated Management System for securing and increasing business quality within the organizations. The basis for the services provided by Quality Austria is formed by the respective accreditation rules. In order to achieve differentiation from the competitors, there is the claim of exceeding these requirements. Quality Austria is guided by the intention to improve the business quality of the worldwide customers. In this context, product and service quality is understood as being part of business quality.

Uncontested instance

Quality Austria is the uncontested technical instance for issues relating to the Integrated Management system in Austria. As a universal provider, Quality Austria has a range of services that is correspondingly large and profound while focusing on selected topics and sectors.

Authority sustaining federal interests

As Quality Austria is an accredited Certification Body and the organizer of the Austrian Excellence Award, it has the image of having authority sustaining federal interests. Before this background of a federal character, the values of independence and objectiveness are decisive.

Ambassador of value added

As an ambassador of value added, Quality Austria demonstrates how integrated management systems work by means of facts and figures, which are, e.g., provided by studies, benchmarking and trend analyses.

Direct practice orientation

Quality Austria speaks the language of companies’ or organizations’ practice. Auditors, trainers, assessors and technical experts (ATAF) primarily come from business practice themselves and have a high experience and sector knowledge.

Autonomous advisor

The audit design as well as the training design focus on creating value. Nevertheless, evaluation will be done autonomously and objectively relating to the extent to which the respective standard or certification programme is fulfilled.

Service company subscribing to family values

As a service company subscribing to family values, Quality Austria is characterized by the fact that all the persons involved are filled with such basic values as the special enthusiasm and passion for the topic, which will continue to shape the company’s culture even in future. This is true for Quality Austria in Austria as well as for its international partners.

Designer of networks

Quality Austria has a comprehensive network on several levels, e.g. within the sectors, to federal institutions, to media, to international organizations and associations, to Austrian cluster organizations, to Quality Managers and to organizations or companies.


The premium position obliges Quality Austria to provide top-quality services, which are characterized by the best auditors and trainers (training, selection, etc.), organizing top conferences, publications as well as renowned reference customers, on the market.


Quality Austria is the leading Austrian interlocutor for trade and industry and society in terms of all the issues relating to the Integrated Management System on the basis of quality, environmental, safety and OH&S (occupational health and safety) management as well as of the topic of business quality.

Quality Austria forms the central national network node for customers, knowledge developers, knowledge bearers, consultants and technical experts in the following service areas:

  • certification, assessment, evaluation, verification and validation
  • training and personnel certification;
  • knowledge transfer

Thanks to a structured innovation process, Quality Austria secures the sustainability, competitiveness and high quality of the range of services.

On a national scale, Quality Austria promotes the further development of organizations participating in the Austrian Quality Award to top performance.

Large-scale international anchoring with a well-founded range of services and active collaboration in bodies help Quality Austria to win international recognition and make an important Austrian contribution to developing international standards.

Quality Austria decisively contributes to the further development of the topics of integrated management systems and business quality in society and trade and industry.

The independence of Quality Austria is significantly guaranteed by its success on the market. Earnings will be re-invested according to the non-profit character of the owners.