Your way to the EOQ certificate


A valid qualityaustria Certificate as well as demonstrable workplace experience in the corresponding field are compulsory prerequisites for obtaining an EOQ Certificate. It is a question of a Competence Certificate, which certifies a person’s theoretical knowledge just as much as his or her practical experience.

Filing applications

The applications for EOQ Certificates will have to be addressed to Quality Austria. These applications will be sent along with each national Certificate that has been newly issued or prolonged. Furthermore, they are available on-line at The issuing fee amounts to € 65 (exclusive of Value Added Tax). Customers submitting applications for EOQ Certificates via qualityaustria Partner Organizations will pay the fees of the respective partners. A processing period of about one month needs to be expected. EOQ Certificates and the commensurate Identity Cards will be sent to the private address along with the invoice.



Depending on the underlying certification programme, a Certificate issued by the European Organization for Quality will be valid for three to five years. Upon expiration, new issuance can be applied for. In this case, it will, once again, be necessary to demonstrate compliance with the requirements.

Identity Card

As a holder of an EOQ Certificate, you will automatically obtain an Identity Card that is issued by EOQ and has the practical format of a credit card. This card serves as official evidence of qualification, which implies a high reputation.