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EFQM Recognised for Excellence (R4E)

  • The level EFQM Recognised for Excellence recognises organisations that have already achieved a defined level and advanced maturity by implementing the principles of the EFQM Excellence Model.
  • EFQM Recognised for Excellence provides progress review on the way to business excellence and independent assessment.
  • Organisations get to know their present efficiency and effectiveness and set priorities for improvements.
  • A profile based on points enables benchmarking with other organisations with a similar maturity.
  • The recognition EFQM Recognised for Excellence is documented, published and recognised all over Europe.
  • creating a holistic picture of the organisation
  • motivation to rethink the procedures for managing the organisation
  • measuring the organisation present efficiency and effectiveness and level of performance
  • defining the organisation strong points and areas for improvement

Organisations applying

  • mostly have implemented 50% of an organisationwide programme for organisational development
  • understand the EFQM Excellence Model and have already performed at least 1 self-assessment
  • have started to use external benchmarks and comparative figures as a basis for identifying their goals
  • improve the way of integrating feedback from assessments in planning processes

The assessment is based on the EFQM Excellence Model with all the 32 sub-criteria and the RADAR Logic. The assessment will be carried out by two to four external experienced assessors and is based on documentation that has been submitted and the site visit.


  • self-assessment acc. to the EFQM Excellence Model (32 sub-criteria)
  • prepare submission document (short description of one organiation or company documentation, no more than 51 pages)
  • assessment carried out by 2-4 external experienced assessors
  • company specific analysis, site visit, consensus and scoring made by the team of assessors
  • feedback report on the level of criteria
  • recognition for > 300, 400, 500 points
  • In case of success, Quality Austria and EFQM show their recognition by granting the certificate EFQM Recognised for Excellence


Quality Austria will be pleased to give you more detailed information on the exact requirements and the accruing costs.

Applicants achieving more than 300 (3*), 400 (4*) or 500 (5*) points acc. to RADAR scoring after the site visit paid by the team of assessors will be presented the Certificate EFQM Recognised for Excellence by EFQM and Quality Austria. The Certificate is valid for two years and may be used for advertising purposes.


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