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Training and certification of persons

Our Certificates - your evidence of competence

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Quality Austria offers altogether over 50 certification programmes, most of them are accredited federally. Thus qualityaustria Certificates are nationally recognised and the quality objectively checked.

Each qualityaustria training will optimally prepare you to obtain certificates acknowledging your competence. The examination will be conducted on the basis of objective criteria for competence and the result. These criteria are laid down in certification programmes created on the basis of the International Standard ISO 17024 and tested and approved by qualityaustria Council. Besides training, this may also include workplace experience and previous knowledge.

qualityaustria certificate

Each series of courses will be completed by an examination. Upon positive completion of an examination, a qualityaustria certificate will be issued.



Quality Austria understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its certification activities and has regulated the handling of eventual conflicts of interest in its management systems to ensure the objectivity of its certification activities.

In addition, most certification programmes offered by Quality Austria are accredited individually acc. EN ISO/IEC 17024. These certification programmes are marked by the logo of the accreditation body.

Mind the Accreditation Mark.


Certificates acknowledging competence basically are limited in time. The relevant standard specifies that the certification body applies a surveillance and re-certification process in order to guarantee that the competencies of the person certified are maintained. At the moment Certificates issued by Quality Austria are limited to three or five years. For obtaining prolongation of a Certificate, the holder of a Certificate will mostly have to demonstrate his/her competence in the form of the required times of practice and - for certain Certificates - by attending relevant refresher courses.

A special service provided by us consists in informing each holder of a Certificate on the expiry of the period of validity of the Certificate in due time.

The detailed criteria for prolongation of each Certificate are stated in the respective descriptions of the examinations in the course programme. If the requirements are not met, the Certificate cannot be prolonged, for the time being.

EOQ certificate

Thanks to harmonization of the contents of courses according to the European training concept, Quality Austria is entitled to have Certificates issued by the European Organization for Quality (EOQ). These Certificates can be requested in addition to a national Certificate and are issued in English. Just like with national Certificates, the validity of EOQ Certificates is limited in time.

International EOQ certificates

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