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GRL07: Austria Quality Seal Property Management


Property managements are highly involved in substantially maintaining real estates and thus their value - by taking constructional or administrative measures. In this respect, it is necessary to consider the interests of the interested parties involved - owners, tenants, flat owners, parties having the right of use and enjoyment - who may be different sometimes. Communication and transparency will help to create a basis for creating confidence and thus enabling solutions helping to satisfy all the needs. Transparent handling of borrowed funds, traceable accounting and transactions as well as avoiding unnecessary costs by taking preventive action soon enough are important success factors.

By granting the "Austria Quality Seal for Property Managements", quality assurance going beyond the legal obligations is documented by an independent neutral body. For more than 69 years, OQA's Austria Quality Seals have been a guarantor of certified and demonstrated quality of products and services. OQA is the only body to be entitled to grant and monitor the Austria Quality Seals.


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