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OVQ (Austrian Association for Quality Assurance) promotes the idea of quality and management systems in Austrian trade and industry. An OVQ membership supports dissemination of the relevant processes, methods, techniques and findings of the quality and management systems in Austria and abroad. Thus confidence of  trade and industry in the competence of quality experts, system managers and auditors is increased.

Benefits of membership:


  • Preferential treatment for limited places at courses and seminars
  • Mailing of all courses and seminar programs
  • Attendance free of charge at OVQ Benchmark Meetingsand qualityaustria information events
  • Consultations free of charge for planning training for integrated management systems
  • six issues per year of the professional Journal "Q1 – Fachmagazin für Qualitätsmanagement und Integrierte Managementsysteme" of SCIAM Fachmedien GmbH & Co KG
  • Preferential access for diverse publications and documents of Quality Austria and EFQM
  • Advance ordering of qualityaustria publications
  • qualityaustria assistance for activities related to integrated management systems e.g. events of quality councils and ERFA groups for sharing experiences with colleagues from the industry 
  • Free release of job advertisements at the qualityaustria website


Following statutes, the board of directors decides on the acceptance of new members. You will be informed in writing of your acceptance.

Membership Fees from 2016
€ 100.- (excl. VAT) one-time registration fee
€ 300.- (excl. VAT) annual fee*
€ 120.- (excl. VAT) annual fee* for small companies (< 10 employees) and individuals
Free of charge for students up to 26 years

* A membership year is a calendar year. The mimimum of membership is one year. Half of the annual fee will be charged for registration during the second half of a calendar year. Termination of membership should be submitted in writing by 30 November of the preceding year.

To become a member, please fill out the application form or contact Ms. Barbara Mayr.