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ECM Certification


The EU Directive 2008/110/EC, which was established in order to change the Directive 2004/49/EC, has introduced the “Entity in Charge of Maintenance” (ECM). An ECM has to be allocated to each vehicle and registered as such in the “National Vehicle Register” (NVR). The Directive specifies that railway traffic providers, infrastructural operators or vehicle owners can assume the function of ECM’s.


Notwithstanding responsibility of the rail traffic providers and infrastructural operators for safe operation of a train, ECM has to provide for a maintenance system guaranteeing that the vehicles of whose maintenance it is in charge are in a safe operating state.


The ECM has to guarantee that the vehicles are maintained in conformity with the maintenance documents for each vehicle and the applicable requirements, including maintenance regulations and the TSI rules. It must derive the maintenance measures necessary for its vehicles from the requirements and will carry out the maintenance measures itself or avail itself of maintenance workshops acc. to EU Regulation, with which it concludes contracts. In the case of an existing ISO 9001 certification synergies can be used.

  • assuring quality, transparency and demonstrability of maintenance of freight cars
  • compliance with the relevant international and national requirements according to the EU Directive
  • safety in railway traffic
  • cross-boundary traffic without obstacles
  • Railway traffic providers, infrastructural operators or vehicle owners that can assume the function of ECM’s
  • Maintenance workshops for freight cars
  • Suppliers of freight car elements or rail car elements

All of the freight wagon maintenance competent authorities and workshops need a certification as evidence that they have implemented a maintenance system and that this implementation is performed according to the requirements of Annex III of the Council Regulation 445/2011 on 10/05/2011 and ERA Safety Units.


These facilities have to submit an application in line with Annex IV of the VO 445/2011 to the accredited certification body. After receiving all necessary records, the certification body has to complete the certification within four months. Afterwards the Entity in charge of Maintenance Certificate or the Certificate for the Maintenance functions according to Annex V of VO 445/2011 is issued.


For the maintenance of other rail vehicles a certificate of conformity may be issued after an audit corresponding with the criteria of VO 445/2011.


Rating system for maintenance for other rail vehicles

Since 2016, for the maintance of other rail vehicles a certificate of conformity can be issued analogous to the criteria of VO 445/2011. This Attestations of Conformity is valid for 5 years and every year a Surveillance Audit will take place.


ISO 9001, SMS railway safety according to EU Directive 2016/798 (EU-RL 49/2004) or the Railway Act § 39 in Austria, ON EN 13816 Transport – Logistics and services – Public transport.


Quality Austria is accredited as a certification body for ECM since 12.12.2012 and is listed as ECM Certification Body at ERA in the ERADIS database.


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