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Status assessment for the implementation of the requirements according to ISO 9001:2015


The revised ISO 9001:2015 is aimed at aligning the requirements to the changed conditions of a business environment that is increasingly dynamic and complex and at designing these requirements as to make them user friendlier. Simultaneous use of several management standards (integrated management systems) has been made easier. For this purpose, the structure of the Standard has been changed. Now it is adapted to the harmonized model that will be used for all management system standards in future. As far as the contents are concerned, the Revision supports the approach the fact that the management system uses a risk-based approach enabling the organization to align the organization’s management system to the conditions in which it is operating. This helps to make management systems leaner while increasing effectiveness.


The objectives and targets of status review are as follows:

  1. The auditee will be provided with qualified review of the status of implementation of the new requirements
  2. What still needs to be tackled in order to enable successful certification is described clearly (existing deltas)
  3. The status of implementation is seen in relation to the maturity of the management system while showing strengths and opportunities for improvement
  4. The fact that the percentage of the status of implementation is stated clearly helps to identify priorities for action

All organizations already certified according to ISO 9001:2008 dealing with the new ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

A synoptical table of the new requirements is used to deal with changes in a focused manner and to audit the status of implementation. The audit will primarily be conducted in cooperation with the Management System Representative. The status of implementation will be reviewed and estimated in a dialogue.  

This status review can comprise the whole new Standard or selected clauses. The required expenditure will be agreed depending on the organization’s scope and complexity. As for small and medium-sized enterprises, a time frame of approx. one day will usually be expedient.


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