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IFS PACsecure Standard


The demand for auditing of transporters and logisticians has significantly increased in the last few years. The publication of the IFS Logistics Standard in 2006 has helped to find a solution and thus to create specifications for transparency and secured quality throughout the supply chain. IFS Logistics is suitable for foodstuffs as well as for non-food products and includes all activities in the logistics process as far as they imply contact to products that have already been packed. If a food processing company has a logistics or transporting area of its own, this will be covered by the IFS Food Standard (chapter “Transport and storage”). If logistics and transporting activities are outsourced, IFS Logistics will be applicable.

The fundamental objectives of IFS PACsecure, as well as of other IFS

Standards, are:

  • to establish a common standard with a uniform evaluation system;
  • to work with accredited certification bodies and qualified IFS approved auditors;
  • to ensure comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain;
  • to reduce costs and time for both suppliers and retailers;
  • to meet GFSI requirements.

IFS PACsecure is a Standard for auditing primary and secondary packaging material manufacturers and converters. Although initially developed for food contact packaging material manufacturers (e.g. plastic foils for vegetables, cans for beverages, paper wrapping for flour, etc.) IFS PACsecure is also applicable to non-food contact packaging materials, such as:

  • packaging materials for products intended to be used on the skin (e.g. cosmetic products);
  • packaging materials for products not intended to be used on the skin (e.g. household products, consumer goods, hardware, etc.).

The Standard can only be used when packaging material is “processed”, converted or printed and applies both to B to B and B to C businesses. As a result, IFS PACsecure shall not apply to the following activities:

  • importation (offices, e.g. typical broker companies);
  • transport, storage and distribution.

In general, when auditing in accordance with IFS, the auditor assesses if the various elements of a company’s quality and product safety management system are documented, implemented, maintained, and continuously improved. The auditor shall examine the following elements:

  • organisational structure in relation to responsibility, authority, qualification and job description;
  • documented procedures and the instructions concerning their implementation;
  • inspection and testing: specified requirements and defined acceptance/tolerance criteria;
  • actions to be taken in case of non-conformities;
  • investigation of the causes of non-conformities and the implementation of corrective actions;
  • conformity analysis of safety and quality data and review of implementation in practice;
  • handling, storage and retrieval of quality and packaging material safety records, such as traceability data, document control.

Quality Austria will prepare the accreditation for this standard as required by the packaging manufacturers.

ISO 9001, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC Packaging, BRC – Global Markets Programs, EN 15593, EN ISO 15378, FEFCO GMP


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