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QUALIMED-Skills for Quality in Healthcare at European Level - project progress

The EU Project “QUALIMED- Skills for Quality in Healthcare at European Level”, which was carried out by qualityaustria in cooperation with Rumanian and Hungarian partners, is approaching its successful conclusion.
The project is aimed at promoting quality in the healthcare sector in Rumania by developing a course “Quality management in the healthcare sector”, which is to be fed by experience and know-how existing in other European countries.


The milestones of the project included:

  • the development of a competence specification of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) under the project management of qualityaustria, according to whose specifications the training contents were elaborated subsequently;
  • a train-the-trainer programme for a group of Rumanian experts in the healthcare sector, which was implemented successfully by qualityaustria’s experienced trainer Elisabeth Richter in May 2013 and included a site visit paid to the Vienna General Hospital;
  • a site visit paid to the University Hospital Graz, which was organized for (almost) the same group of Rumanian experts in the healthcare sector by qualityaustria. On this occasion, risk management, which is implemented in an exemplary manner and was kindly presented and explained by Mag. Dr. Gerald Sendlhofer and his team, met with special interest. The site visit did not only include an explanation of the risk management process, including the presentation of the Critical Incident Reporting System and the Manchester Triage System in emergency hospitalization. One highlight definitely also was that the group was offered a live presentation of a team time-out in an operating room (see photo).

At the moment, the pilot training in Rumania is being carried out by Rumanian trainers and examiners qualified in the course of the project. Then the training and examination will be evaluated and subjected to an improvement circle. The project will be concluded by a technical conference, which will take place in Bukarest on January 21 - 22, 2015, and will, among other things, include a lecture held by a qualityaustria expert. The detailed data will be communicated on qualityaustria’s homepage.

The project with the title “SKILLS FOR QUALITY IN HEALTHCARE AT EUROPEAN LEVEL – QUALIMED” is funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci sub-programme, Transfer of Innovation action.

Project Number: LLP-LdV-ToI-2012/RO/019 

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