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International EOQ Certificates

Benefits of EOQ certificates

EOQ at a glance

  • There are more than 50,000 EOQ Experts in Europe.
  • EOQ Certificates are recognized in almost all European countries and on an international scale.
  • EOQ Certificates can directly be obtained via Quality Austria.
  • A European-wide network is enabled by the EOQ Database.
  • An EOQ Certificate is a door opener for an international career.
  • The EOQ world is characterized by global thinking, which goes beyond borders.
  • Training contents and the conduct of examinations are harmonized.
  • An Identity Card will be issued as a document promising a high reputation.
  • EOQ Congresses are organized every year.

In Austria, Quality Austria
is your direct link to
the "European Certificate".

Approved certified knowledge at EU level

Better job opportunities

Career without limits

At international job applications, an EOQ Certificate proves to be an effective door opener. Even for the national career, the renowned European Certificate demonstrates that its holder thinks globally and is motivated to grow beyond limits.

The background for the EOQ Certificates is harmonization of training contents and conduct of examinations in the European EOQ member states through the specification of European "Certification Schemes". For multinational companies, in particular, it is advantageous if system managers in different subsidiaries have the same training level.

Trends – "made in Austria"

As Quality Austria is involved in European and international standardization bodies, our customers will also profit immediately. The qualityaustria experts will bring global trends to Austria and will, vice versa, feed national concerns to the country network. Quality Austria is actively involved in the EOQ designing, to position Austrian concerns at European level.

Your way to the EOQ certificate

Under "Details" you'll find further information about your way to the EOQ certificate:

  • Prerequisites

  • Filing applications

  • Validity

  • Identity Card

This qualityaustria certificates will entitle you to apply for an EOQ certificate

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