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The international Quality Seal eccos²²® has been developed based on a combination of the international standards and regulations ISO 26000, ISO 14001, ONR 192500 (“ONR” = Rule of the Austrian Standards Institute), SA 8000® (Social Accountability), SR 10 (Social Responsibility), GRI 4 (Global Reporting Initiative), AA 1000 (AccountAbility), OECD Guidelines for Multinationals, UN Global Compact and the EFQM Excellence Model. This means that an internationally renowned tool for assessing ecological and social responsibility of companies has been created, no matter what sector companies are operating in and what the company size is.


eccos²²® provides a quality seal based on international standards and regulations relating to the evidence of sustainable economy and the assessment of the company’s fitness for innovation and for the future by third parties. The aim is, on the one hand, to establish the organization’s positioning on the sustainability-based business management concept CSR. On the other hand, a common language to support the interoperability of systems and applications of the value network is the key factor for productivity and effectivity in the age of Industry 4.0.

These current developments can be seen as follows:

  • changed international procurement guidelines and directives for international requests for quotation; these guidelines and directives require a relief of the environment and social value added
  • new rules for the financial and investment sectors (e.g. equator principles at credit assessments)
  • international B2B and quality rating, which is focused on the relief of the environment and social categories, effectiveness and measurability
  • new reporting duties in terms of social and environmental issues (BGBL 20/2017 NaDiVeG)
  • optimizing the “learning organization” as to enhance social innovation, agility and energy efficiency; motto: “uncoupling growth from resource consumption”
  • increasing the employees’ sense of responsibility and autonomy/readiness to perform and commitment by involving them in the process initiated cost related and competitive advantage enabled by employment and the quality related assessment of the company
  • working at the company’s unique selling point while considering environmental and social aspects


eccos²²® certifies...

  • …the compliance and respectively the orientation of the corporate management along international principles, guidelines and norms of the worldwide applicable Corporate Social Responsibility Standard ISO 26000
  • …the continuous advancement of the core strategy, core processes and communication with stakeholders in combination with the sustainability concept of the organization
  • …the degree of maturity of the system performance and value added by the system under consideration of the international eco.soc Standards
  • …the impact orientation on the main stakeholders and focus on environmental relief and social categories


As a result, the company is awarded with the first internatioanl quality seal eccos²²® Excellence in Sustainability und Corporate Social Responsibility and furthermore a qualityaustria eccos²²® certificate. The company can also expect a professional feedback by experts regarding the extent to which quality standards are met in the context of the company‘s overall future sustainability.

Usage of eccos²²® is particularly conceived for organizations that want to communicate a well-aimed, more conclusive and more credible strategy relating to the topics of sustainability and corporate social responsibility to the interested parties (customers, suppliers, credit grantors, international partners and non-governmental organizations).

Winners at the Austrian Excellence Award and companies that have already dealt with ways to professionalize their system performance will, at the assessment, be credited the degree of development by being granted points. After the assessment, the International Committee of the CSR Dialogue Forum (Commission), which is made up of representatives of science and investors, will decide upon maintenance of the quality seal and the company’s maturity relating to sustainable economy and corporate social responsibility.


eccos²²® has some features congruent with other management systems that act supportively: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA 8000®, SR 10, ISO 26000, ONR 192500.


The CSR Dialogue Forum is a non-profit organization accredited by the United Nations. The organization understands itself as being non-partisan and non-denominational and acts on an international scale. The organization sees itself as the driving force for a new way of doing business, exerts influence and contributes to a useful social change. The Association has the purpose to promote topics of sustainable economy and corporate responsibility and bringing science and practice together. The Association sees itself as a competence centre for sustainability and corporate responsibility.


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