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Legal bases

Up to now the legal basis for granting Austria Quality Seals for Products has been the Austria Quality Seal Regulation dated 1942. On December 31, 2009, this regulation became ineffective (§ 4 al. 2, Annex Index Number 95.08.02, of the First BRBG (“Bundesrechtsbereinigungsgesetz” – Act to Abolish Obsolete Legislation), BGBl. (“Bundesgesetzblatt” – Federal Law Gazette) I No. 191/1999).

OQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH (Certification Ltd.) is a hundred percent subsidiary company of the OQA - Austrian Society for the Promotion of Quality and accredited as a body certifying services acc. to ISO/IEC 17065 with the identification number PSID 0934.

With the edict BGBl.154 vom 10. May 2011 the accreditation has been expanded from the Federal Ministry of Digital, Business and Enterprise. Accreditation includes the Quality Guidelines (GRL – Güterichtlinien)  GRL01 “Institution for nursing elderly people (inpatient)”, GRL03 “Health Tourism”, GRL04 “Fire Protection Management System”, GRL07 "Property Management", GRL08 "Installer" and GRL09 "Temporary Staffing Agency". The Quality Guidelines GRL06 “Doctors’ Offices”, GRL10 and GRL11 have been submitted for extension.

OQA awards the right to use the Austria Quality Seal. As opposed to a trademark, it is non-transferable and non-divestible. OQA documents the issuance, loss and denial of the quality seal. OQA has the right to inspect all parties following a warrant of legal interest.

The conditions governing the conferment and usage of the Austria Quality Seal are stated in the general terms and conditions (valid for the accredited division) of the OQA.

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Mr. Marjan Pipp

OQA "Austrian Society for the Promotion of Quality", Gonzagagasse 1/27, A-1010 Vienna

Austrian Quality Labels national, international

Phone +43 1 535 37 48-13

Ms. Katharina Melmer

ÖQA Zertifizierungs-GmbH, Gonzagagasse 1/27, A-1010 Vienna

Austrian Quality Seal for services, certification

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