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Range of products and services / Customer benefits

Range of products and services

OQA awards the right to use the trademarked International Quality Seal for products and services of international origin and Austria Quality Seal for those of Austrian origin. Since 1992, the Austria Quality Seal for Austrian Model Companies has been awarded to operating facilities. The right to use the Austria Quality Seal is contingent on compliance with quality guidelines and, for model operations, with industry-specific monitoring specifications. The awarded certificate is the proof of tested quality. Many options for achieving distinction - a unique symbol of quality.

The Austria Quality Seal is granted for a fixed period. Accredited or state-licensed testing and inspection authorities and respectively the OQA as accredited certificate authority monitor periodically to ensure constant high standards of quality. OQA guides customers throughout the entire procedure: from initial query and application, to auditing, certification and re-testing.

We work with the General Terms and Conditions of OQA and, with the involvement of important stakeholders such as trade associations, guilds, testing authorities, and consumer protection groups, we develop quality guidelines that can also be used in previously unstandardized fields. Steady progress towards a secure future.

Customer benefits

The Austria Quality Seal, a non-transferable trademark, is a symbol for distinctive quality. Used on product labeling, it provides consumers with valuable support in purchasing decisions. It is a distinctive brand with lasting impact. Hence, all seal bearers also benefit from promotional activities surrounding the Austria Quality Seal. Effective marketing becomes affordable: from mention on the OQA website to participation in informational events to regular appearances on television broadcasts and print media. Substantial and effective advertising at a low price. OQA - make a mark together.

Because of close contact with appropriate testing bodies, the seal bearer works with the latest information. Permanent progress contributes to optimum results. For model operations, the commendation with the Austria Quality Seal is the first step towards an ISO 9000 certification. The Austria Quality Seal supplements existing quality management systems and seal bearers can demonstrate that their products also comply with stringent quality criteria. Evident commitment to extraordinary performance - a distinction rewarded by the consumer. The Austria Quality Seal for improved revenues. The right approach to lasting success.