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New Standard for the certification of quality personnel

Standardized European Directives

A new, competency-based Standard for Europe is harmonizing the certification of quality representatives, managers and auditors. For the first time, this Directive places clear requirements on quality personnel. Quality Austria is currently the only recognized certification body in Austria offering training courses in accordance with this Standard.

Europe-wide Standard

So far, there was no harmonized Europe-wide Directive for the certification of quality personnel. Now this is changing: With the recognition of the EOQ (European Organization for Quality) certification program for quality personnel (EOQ COS / CS 9000) there is now a European Standard applicable to personnel certification bodies. Acknowledged in January 2017, quality personnel throughout Europe can now be certified against the EOQ scheme. Quality Austria, as the Austrian representative of the EOQ, has been significantly involved in the development of the EOQ certification program. „We have played a decisive role in this project since 2007 and we are now the only certification body in Austria who can offer accredited certifications according to this scheme. This demonstrates the sustainability and future viability of our development work“, says Konrad Scheiber, CEO of Quality Austria, and adds: „We, as Quality Austria and as a national ‘voice of quality’, can contribute the results to Austria’s economic standing“. Interested persons and companies in Austria can use the innovative education and certification programs through Quality Austria.

Assurance and proof of competence – across national borders

The EOQ program states clear requirements for persons and for the certification process. Certified persons have a proof of their competence as quality representative, quality manager or auditor that is accepted all over Europe. Thus, this program is significantly different from those embedded in a single training organization or in a country. Furthermore, certification bodies can use a harmonized high level and proofed certification scheme for quality personnel. Organizations have a proof that the quality personnel they employ or contract have up-to-date and comprehensive know-how and expertise. Various interested parties have been involved in the development of the EOQ program: certified persons, companies, training organizations, national certification bodies and the EA as the umbrella organization of national European accreditation bodies have helped to develop the new Standard.