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Focus Audit Management of Foreign Bodies


Foreign bodies imply a high hazard for food safety, which often is underestimated. On the one hand, it will be necessary to avoid contaminations in delivered raw materials or to use adequate methods to detect them so that they can be reduced to an acceptable level or eliminated. On the other hand, impurities caused by foreign bodies will have to be prevented during the production process and controlled by preventive actions as to guarantee product safety.

This focus audit is aimed at reviewing compliance with the requirements various food safety standards place on an efficient management of foreign bodies. Potential sources of foreign bodies are to be identified while scrutinizing their risk assessment in relation to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Additional priorities are claim management, taking-back procedures and emergency and contingency planning.

  • Requirements the respective food safety standard places on an efficient management of foreign bodies
  • Supplier selection and assessment
  • Site visit with a focus on the identification and avoidance of potential hazards emanating from foreign bodies
  • Hazard analysis and assessment of the commensurate risks connected with foreign bodies
  • HACCP verification
  • Handling complaints relating to foreign bodies; corrective and preventive actions
  • Taking-back and call-back procedure, emergency and contingency planning
  • Avoiding complaints, taking-back and call-back campaigns due to contaminations with foreign bodies and guaranteeing customer satisfaction
  • Reviewing efficiency of the existing management of foreign bodies
  • Showing nonconformities and opportunities for improvement
  • You will be given a comprehensive report about nonconformities identified and improvements necessary to increase efficiency of the management of foreign bodies.
  • You will learn how potential sources of foreign bodies can be identified in the course of site visits and internal audits and what it is all about at hazard analysis and the assessment of the commensurate risks.
  • You will have the opportunity of openly exchanging ideas with an experienced auditor and learning from experience.

Internal auditors, quality and food safety managers, operations and production management, technical staff and members of the HACCP team.


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