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Focus Audit The organization’s Code of Conduct


Based on the code of conduct (CoC) established by the organization or on an internationally recognized code of conduct, our technical experts will conduct a verification of compliance with these rules. Moreover, organizations can entrust Quality Austria with conducting an audit at a close business partner’s or on the premises of a partner working on commission or else at a selected production site. The audit results will be made available to the client. It won’t be obligatory to disclose the results in known databases and to share them with other members of the supply chain.


The qualityaustria auditors employed are trained SA 8000® auditors – at the moment, this qualification is the most comprehensive one in this area. The most important difference to the known management system audits is a focus on the employees’ needs. Due to this, at least 10 % of the staff will be interviewed in order to obtain a representative result.

An independent third party will review compliance with the code of conduct to which your organization subscribes. You will be presented with a concrete picture of the current level of compliance.

It won’t be necessary to give your customers access to these deep insights. The technical experts of Quality Austria are familiar with the special audit methods and interviewing techniques that are necessary to hold the interviews with the staff.

You as a client are the only party to decide to whom what results should be communicated in what detailing degree. It won’t be required to save this sensitive information in international databases or pass photo documentation on to your customers or other interested parties.

The intervals in which you repeat this audit and the way you handle opportunities for improvement that has been identified are at your discretion.

  • written presentation of the present actual state relating to compliance with the underlying code of conduct, strong points and opportunities for improvement being shown just as well
  • Certificate acknowledging that a social audit based on the chosen CoC has been conducted
  • more transparency in terms of interrelations and responsibilities stated in compliance rules as well as their linkages to daily operational tasks in the organization’s key business

Top Management, Human Resources, persons responsible for the integrated management system and Management Representatives, persons responsible for communication, public relations and marketing

The agenda and priorities of the focus audit will specifically be coordinated with the organization on the basis of the chosen code of conduct in advance.

  • overview of the contents of the chosen code of conduct
  • top management
  • implementation during operation and/or production - site visit
  • interviews with the staff members
  • occupational health and safety
  • Human Resources
  • purchasing - raw materials, partners working on commission, logistics
  • marketing, communication
  • integration into the existing management system – internal audits, reporting


Duration: approx. 1 – 2 days


If you are interested in system certification, we will be pleased to contact you. Please complete the inquiry form below. An employee will deal with your concern as soon as possible.


As for information given on the phone, our Customer Service Center will be pleased to be at your disposal at +43 732 34 23 22.



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austria clients will receive information about services of Quality Austria. This information will be provided for marketing purposes and in accordance with the legal basis of legitimate interest. qualityaustria clients have the right to object at any time to this processing of data.

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