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Study: Management System Certification benefits – where do we stand?

This study was initiated and sponsored by
IQNet/ Public Sector Assurance.

The implementation and certification of Management Systems International Standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, achieved a high international recognition, with more than 1 million organizations with their Quality Management Systems certified worldwide.


Researchers have been paying considerable attenttion to this theme and the number of published articles has robustly grown. Although on an overall basis, the reserach results support the existence of positive impacts on the use and certification of these International Standards, there are various inconsistent and contradictory results, leading to some controversy over its impacts for organizations.

This study aims to bring a longitudinal time perspective to this area of reserach, analyzing the articles published since 1996, on the benefits of Management Systems Certification. A longitudinal perspective of countries of authors' origin, keyords and journals is presented, complemented with an evaluation of the research results.

Design/ methodology/ approach

A Bibliometric study supported the research, with data collected from Web of Science, SCOPUS, and Reserach Gate data bases.

To access the whole study and more information on design, findings and conclusion please access the PDF online:

Management System Certification Benefits:
Where Do We Stand? (PDF)

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Mr. Eckehard Bauer, MSc

Executive Vice President Key Account and Business Development Risk and Safety, Security, Business Continuity, Transport

Mr. Axel Dick, MSc

Executive Vice President Business Development Environment and Energy, CSR

Ms. Dr. Anni Koubek

Executive Vice President Innovation, Business Development Quality

Mr. Johann Russegger, MBA

Network partner, Product Expert Trainings Integrated Management System, Quality