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Focus Audit GDPR (DSGVO)–General Data Protection Regulation


The data protection regime newly established by the General Data Protection Regulation will be applicable as a minimum requirement for handling person related data from May 25, 2018, all over Europe.


The audit conducted as a workshop will be focused on finding out how the company has organized compliance with the relevant legal requirements placed on data protection. Based on the relevant legal requirements of the GDPR, the bow will be bent to possible opportunities for improvement.


You will be given a comprehensive report about the nonconformities identified and improvements necessary in connection with legal compliance relating to the data protection regulation as well as synergy potentials in terms of management systems.

You will have the opportunity of openly and frankly exchanging your ideas with an auditor and learning from experience (increased clause for confidentiality).

  • Ensuring the management system can be improved by showing synergy potentials;
  • Being certain that compliance with the most important legal requirements relating to data protection can be guaranteed;
  • Establishing a sustainable data protection management;
  • Laying the foundations for handling of person related data in a manner that is modern and is in line with the age of information and will thus yield competitive advantages;
  • Deriving follow-up actions helping to improve the current situation;
  • Being capable of avoiding severe penalties and fines and claims for damages by showing the open opportunities for improvement
    (the decision about implementation of opportunities for improvement is up to the company)
  • Determining the actual state (GAP analysis);
  • Raising awareness of the topic of data protection;
  • Presenting and prioritizing the fields of action

Any companies that acquire and process person related data. This refers to employee data, customer and supplier information and lists of members - and also applies to acquiring and processing data in an analog manner.

  • Reviewing the legal requirements derived from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • Hinting at emerging opportunities for improvement

At the GDPR Focus Audit, it will, among other things, be a matter of illuminating the supporting aspects that can be achieved by using such management systems as ISO 9001:2015 or ISO 14001:2015 to utilize the synergies enabled by the management standards when it comes to systematically implementing legal requirements as efficiently as possible.


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