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New standards for educational organizations: ISO 29993:2017 and ISO 21001:2018

As far as the standards for educational organizations are concerned, there has been a lot of movement. Based on the existing ISO 9001 and ISO 29990 models, two new standards have been developed: ISO 29993: 2017 and ISO 21001: 2018.

ISO 29993 is strongly inspired by the ISO 29990 Learning Services section and includes some topics of the management part. This creates a standard that places a clear focus on the requirements of the service (service requirements).

The ISO 21001 is adapted to the structure of ISO 9001 and thus follows the current trend of harmonization in the sense of the High Level Structure. In terms of content, ISO 21001 clearly focuses on the needs of learners and other stakeholders as well as beneficiaries of the service (management systems for educational organizations - requirements with guidance for use). Thematically and conceptually, the ISO 21001 is based on the relevant topics of educational institutions, regardless of the type of learning service. The standard also includes instructions for practical implementation.

Currently both standards are available in English, ISO 21001 is currently available as a final draft (FDIS) and is expected to be released in May 2018.

ISO 29990: 2010 is still a valid standard classified as confirmed by the ISO. There are defined specifications for the conversion variants from 29990 or 9001 to 29993 or 21001.

For detailed information as well as for all other questions around the new standards and certification, the network partner and product expert Mr. Georg Smolek will be happy to assist you.

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