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Application for EOQ Certificates

For questions, please contact Mrs. Barbara Mayr (Phone +43 (0)732/34 23 22 -16, Fax +43 (0)732-34 23 23, barbara.mayr(at)qualityaustria.com).

I hereby apply for the EOQ certificate (or the extension of its validity):

Personal Data

Personal Address

Business Address

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Professional Experience in years

Date from to Responsibility/Area/Project Company

Number of the conducted or witnessed audits/assessments (this only needs to be completed for EOQ Quality Auditor, EOQ Environmental Systems Auditor, EOQ Occupational Health and Safety Auditor, EOQ TQM Assessor, EOQ Laboratory Assessor, EOQ Quality Lead Auditor, Food Safety Auditor).

Days of audit/assessment
Company/ department Date of audit/assessment total on site Kind of audit Norms/regulations Lead-Auditor

qualityaustria Certificate Certificate Number Date of Issue


The fee for issuing an EOQ Certificate amounts to € 65.- exclusive of. 20% VAT. The amount is payable upon receipt of the invoice.

I declare the correctness of all statements in this application and am, upon request of the Quality Austria, prepared to substantiate them.

Please note:
austria clients will receive information about services of Quality Austria. This information will be provided for marketing purposes and in accordance with the legal basis of legitimate interest. qualityaustria clients have the right to object at any time to this processing of data.

The contract comes into force by written order confirmation from Quality Austria - Training, Certification and Evaluation Ltd. / ÖVQ - Training & Certification Ltd.

For further information, please read the qualityaustria PRIVACY POLICY.

Note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) have to be filled out!