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OVQ (Austrian Association for Quality Assurance) promotes the idea of quality and management systems in Austrian trade and industry. An OVQ membership supports dissemination of the relevant processes, methods, techniques and findings of the quality and management systems in Austria and abroad. Thus confidence of trade and industry in the competence of quality experts, system managers and auditors is increased.

Benefits of membership:

Download the current list of ÖVQ members here.

ÖVQ Members

Membership Fees

€ 100.- (excl. VAT) one-time registration fee
€ 300.- (excl. VAT) annual fee*
€ 120.- (excl. VAT) annual fee* for small companies (< 10 employees) and individuals
Free of charge for students up to 26 years

* A membership year is a calendar year. The mimimum of membership is one year.


OVQ Membership

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