Online Examination Lean Six Sigma Specialist (Green Belt)

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The contents of the examination refer to the online course Lean Six Sigma Specialist (Green Belt) (O-SGB-E).

  • Qualification in the course Six Sigma Specialist (Green Belt) (online or on-site). Online: completion of the online course material and an attendance of at least 80 % of the live online training sessions.
  • A functioning computer (or tablet) with microphone and webcam and a reliable internet connection.

The written online examination consists of multiple choice questions and two open questions. The oral examination consists of a presentation and an in-depth discussion with regard to the project work.


Upon successful completion of the examination the candidate will receive the certificate Lean Six Sigma Specialist (Green Belt).

Validity of the certificate

3 years

Criteria for extension

Proof (e.g. confirmation by the employer, interim certificate or self-declaration) of at least 2 implemented Six Sigma projects within the last 3 years.


Online Examination Lean Six Sigma Specialist (Green Belt)
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