Quality Management Representative


This course teaches the specialized skills necessary to qualify as a Quality Management Representative in a condensed form.


Qualified and relevant professional experience is advantageous

Target group

Specialists who are responsible for implementing and maintaining Quality Management Systems.


Course material from 3 courses:

Integrated Management System - Requirements (IMS):

  • System documentation
  • Process management
  • Norms, standards and their certification
  • Risk management
  • Management Systems and their integration
  • Group work

Quality Management Systems (QMS):

  • Objective and benefit of quality management systems
  • ISO 9000 and ISO 10000 family
  • Requirements of ISO 9001
  • Expertise (case studies and solutions)
  • Group work

Integrated Management System - Methods and Tools (IMSA):

  • Methods for management systems
  • Audits
  • Legal aspects
  • Group work


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