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Online course series Circular Globe Transformation Coach – Certification Course CGF-E


This training is carried out in cooperation with SQS.

The concept of circular economy is considered to be the economic business model of the future. It helps organizations to generate and maintain value, to conserve resources and at the same time to increase company value through innovation and sustainable partnerships. In a circular economy, materials circulate in closed cycles along value chains and energy comes from renewable sources. The circular economy therefore requires both a material and an energy transition. This drastic challenge not only changes processes, but also affects product-service systems, business models and entire business ecosystems. In view of this international mega-trend transforming our current economy into a circular economy, Circular Globe picks up on these developments and offers a series of courses so that organizations can develop, start and successfully implement circular economy projects. In the course of the training, both the concept and the challenges are discussed as well as technical and biological aspects that must be taken into account. Furthermore, the development of new products and / or service systems, which may be associated with new business models are discussed, and focus is placed on successful implementation.

The course series has a modular structure, whereby each course can be taken as an independent course. For individuals who strive for systematic skills development, we recommend visiting in the order shown. In the course series, participants work on a project with the aim of enabling an organizational change to the circular economy. The final exam for obtaining the "Circular Globe Transformation Coach" certificate focuses, among other things, on the discussion of this project work. In this way, participants and organizations benefit from the defined project and its comprehensible and measurable successes already during the training phase.

Job profile

Graduates of this training are able to develop concepts of circular economy in the organization. Circular Globe Transformation Coaches are able to assess the initial situation of the organization as well as to identify potential in their own organization and to derive feasible projects from it. They understand the assigned tasks for the implementation, know about the necessary project steps and know best practice examples in order to benchmark their approaches. The systematic approaches on which such change projects are based are well known to the graduates.

Structure of the online course series

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