Webinars - technical information

Upon successful registration, the access link to the webinar will be sent to you by e-mail in the week before the webinar takes place.

qualityaustria webinars run via the webex platform.

No software installation is required to participate in these webinars.

A purely acoustic participation can also take place via telephone connection. Therefore just choos the "call me at" or "call in" function.


  • Use headphones for a clearer sound.
  • With a direct LAN connection you usually have a better connection than with WLAN.
  • During the webinar, turn off all programs that access your Internet connection, thus reducing your bandwidth (e.g. Skype).
  • Turn off your mobile device's Wi-Fi feature unless you need it.
  • Make sure you have the sound on your computer turned on and turned up loud enough.
  • Use Webex outside of a VPN connection and not through a terminal server.

System Requirements

You will need either integrated / external speakers or preferably headphones.



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