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Quality Management in Construction

Quality management in construction has become an absolutely essential requirement. Virtually all medium sized construction companies and particularly large enterprises are already engaged in the further development of their Integrated Management System by supplementing it with requirements from risk management (ISO 31000 or ÖNORM D 4901), compliance management (ISO 37301) and anti-corruption management (ISO 37001).

Quality management in building industry has become one of the most successful strategies for remaining economically successful on the market even though the requirements are rising constantly. More and more building owners realize both the opportunity and responsibility for demanding and ensuring the quality capability of the companies they entrust when handling building projects. For example, executing companies, subcontractors, professionals and planning and architectural offices are increasingly required not only to evidence their creative performance but, above all, their systemic, organizational and entrepreneurial skills. A Certificate issued by Quality Austria is one of the best ways of doing so.

The order situation is becoming more and more difficult while the fact that the prices are decreasing also reduces the revenue. Therefore, the executing companies cannot really afford to be obliged to eliminate damage covered by a warranty and defects of execution (often repetitive failures) afterwards. As is shown by the statistics of damage occurring during construction, the average failure costs amount to 6-8 % of the production costs and thus often devour the whole revenue in many companies. In building industry, quality means the sum of services provided by all the persons involved in the building project. As a rule, responsibility for designing, executing and creating value devolves on different parties (building owner, architect, planner, building contractors, subcontractors, producers of and trade with building material).

Important advantages yielded by quality management systems in building industry
  • Defects of execution will be reduced.
  • Repetitive failures (which may be made on other building sites or by other employees) will be prevented.
  • The amount of rework necessary during construction will be reduced.
  • Interface problems with clients, planners, subcontractors, suppliers, public authorities, etc., will be reduced.
  • Clear and fixed filing systems and standardized forms (in a low number) help to systematically furnish evidence and important documents (often many years later). Thanks to this, evidencing due diligence in liability issues will be made easier and accelerated.

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