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Integrated Management System

Integration of different requirements in a management system

Organisations are more and more focused on achieving an integrated implementation of management systems. Integration brings many advantages: clear and coordinated responsibilities and allocation of tasks, providing a better overview of the entire system in the organisation and as a consequence cost optimisation. The question is not whether integration is the right path - consensus already exists on this issue - it is instead a matter of how an optimal and integrated structure can be built up with the result that the systems and their respective system elements at different levels interlock assure continuous improvement towards excellence.

Integrated audits

Norms and standards, bodies of legislation and ordinances offer an enormous variety and range of models in the area of quality, the environment and security, risk and many other fields. Building on the framework of ISO 9001 for example, organisations have developed environmental management systems according to ISO 14001 and/or EMAS, security and health management according to ISO 45001, SCC, SCP or are currently in the process of implementing them. In addition a vast range of sector-specific standards has been created with requirements or guidance aligned on to specific target groups.

Integrated audits are the means for the certification of integrated management systems. It is not only possible to reduce effort significantly through the combination of models, but a much broader view of the company can be taken and with this even more useful recommenation to its further development can be identified.

Most qualityaustria auditors cover several standards or models as auditors or assessors, representing competence for integrated management systems in each audit.

Integrated courses

The entire field of integrated management is presented and trained in the qualityaustria courses on a highly effective basis, demonstrating how an optimal integration and at the same time an effective and efficient implemenation of each separate system can be set up. The basis of the qualityaustria training concept is the crystallising out of integration approaches, meaning those system elements, which provide the common basis for all management systems. Ten concrete integration approaches are executed in the training concept, such as for example documentation, processesor methods and tools, just to name a few. These issues are summarised and presented in a number of our courses:

  • Integrated management system –  requirements
  • Integrated management system – methods and tools
  • Integrated management system – strategy and organisation development

The training programme for becoming a system manager for quality, environment or health and safety protection is expanded with subject-specific courses looking at specific issues and going deeper into the subject. This assures that a specialised training is always provided covering the specific needs of each area.

Course credits

The special advantage offered by this modular structure, which was first defined in 2006 is that the common training contents can be recognised for each certification scheme as quality, environment and health and safety. It is necessary to attend only two specific training courses for the completion of a specific certificate in addition to these common integrated courses. This means that already during training you profit from integration in the sense of training content recognition.

Benefits for the organisation

Participants will benefit in practical terms from this scheme by learning how to fuse the different management systems and successfully implement their integration in the organisation. They will be in a position to deal with the common system elements, and to do this in a manner that will also accomodate for specific requirements and obligations. This avoids the development of island solutions and management systems are created which provide optimal support for the development of the organisation.

Integrated certificates

When all three of the subject areas quality management, environment management and occupational health and safety management have been successfully completed, participants receive on application the certificates „Manager Integrated Systems“ or „Auditor for Integrated Systems“ free of charge. This procedure is also linked-in to the European Organisation for Quality with the issuing of the „EOQ Integrated QEHS Systems Manager“ certificate.

System certification, verification and validation

Training and certification of persons

For further information about our international training and certification program visit this page.

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